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Marilyn N Anderes

Christian Author and Speaker

Marilyn became a child of God in

January of 1972.  She has taught

Bible studies and led seminars and retreats, both nationally and

internationally, for the last 37 years.

She is also the author of several books and dozens of magazines


Marilyn yearns to live the longings

of God’s heart and to help others see

more of Him. On any given day you

can find her worshiping God at the

piano, applauding Him over yet

another wonder in His Word, and

offering laughter and love to those

with whom she shares His message

of transformation. 

So what is "Living God's Longings"?


In the year 2000 I realized I had lived as many years knowing Jesus as not knowing Him.  It caused a quest to understand what God might want to transform in me.  No audible voice was heard, but the message I was hearing from God through His Word was the following:

          “For twenty-eight years you have been asking Me to come alongside the longings of your heart.  But, I have longings,  And, I would like you to come alongside Me.”        

That message launched a desire to know what pleased the Lord God.  I spent months writing down His pleasures; three pages, single-spaced full.


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