Marilyn N. Anderes has been a follower of Jesus for over 46 years. Married to John, a retired aerospace engineer, for fifty-two years, she is the mother of three and the grandmother of eight. She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and has taught Bible studies and led seminars and retreats, both nationally and internationally, for the last 37 years.

    She has been a contributing editor at Good News Magazine, writing the column “From the Heart” from 1993 to 2008. Articles from her pen have appeared in such periodicals as Decision Magazine and the Navigators Discipleship Journal. She has also authored the following books:

1.  A Workshop on Self-Giving

2.  The Great Encourager

3.  From the Heart of the Word

4.  MORE: The Four Dimensions of Intimacy With God (both in English and Korean)

5.  The Adventure of Surrender: Living A Fruitful Life  

6.  Eye to Eye: Encountering God Face to Face

    Marilyn is currently working on another book entitled "Intentional Remnant." In this book she states, "The culture won't change until the church changes and the church won't change until individual hearts change -- my heart and your heart." This book is a call to awareness of the things that break God's heart and a willingness to stand in the gap for the land. Following a vision by Ezekiel and the example of Isaiah, we can be motivated to live as a true remnant -- a small remaining group of people surrendered to God and committed to His ways.

                                R -- Repentant

                                E -- Engaged with the Culture

                                M -- Message of Truth

                                N -- No Fear

                                A -- All In

                                N -- No Impurity

                                T -- Trusting God

With God's power we can be men and women of courage who show the watching world a better way ---- God's way.


   Please note that Marilyn is taking a one year sabbatical from major speaking or teaching events in 2020.  She continues to write, with two books in the works, and speak at some smaller venues.

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