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Limitless Depths

This is a three-part teaching on the Limitless Depths of God and our response to Him.  In Part I we take a plunge into the depths of the River of God (Ezekiel 47:1-12 NIV).  In Part II we explore how it looks and sounds to God when we Surrender to the Depths (Romans 12:1-2 The Message), and in Part III we understand Acceptable Worship in the Depths (Luke 7:36-50 NIV)

Intentional Remnant

“The Intentional Remnant” is a twelve-week study intended to motivate three things: 1)Awareness of our role as God’s Remnant, 2)United Prayer, and 3)Intentional Godly Living.

Join us as we explore Ezekiel’s vision, Isaiah’s call, and specific ways to live intentionally in these dark days. Click on the "View" button and and choose the desired video to watch.

Marilyn leads a study following 13 Biblical individuals who have Eye To Eye encounters with God.  Seeing the God that saw them brought life-changing results that can transform our lives as well. Click on the "View" button and then on the YouTube screen, stop the first playing lesson, and click on the desired video to watch.
The Adventure of Surrender
Marilyn leads an 13 week study on "The Adventure of Surrender: Living a Fruitful Life", based on her most recent book.  Surrender is what makes the Fruit of the Spirit ripen.
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