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Spiritual Nuggets -- Outlines, Articles, Poems

The Nails

Yes-But-No, Lord

God's Initiative

The Beatitudes at a Glance

The I'AM's of John's Gospel

An Outline of 1 Peter

Decreasing as He Increases

2 Peter 1:5-7 at a Glance

The Beatitudes at a Glance


Living a Godly Philosophy of Teaching God's Word

Paradoxes of Wonder

Bogus Vs. Authentic Discipleship

Worldly Vs. Spiritual Weapons

The "One Anothers"

Studies in Surrender

Our Real Identity in Christ

Counter-Cultural Authentic Discipleship

Luke 24 -- Seven Mile Markers

Life to the Full

The Word and the Spirit

Transformation -- Being Like Jesus

God's Favorite Word

Seeking More of God

Seeking More of God

Exchanges for Us at the Cross

Lion Taming

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