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The Intentional Remnant

Live Bravely By Being Part of This Remnant!

“The culture will not change until the church changes, and the church will not change until individual hearts change.

My heart and your heart.”

----Marilyn N Anderes----


A remnant is a small remaining quantity of something.  In this case it is a fragment of solid followers of the Lord Jesus Christ who choose to be raised up by their God to stand in the gap of a dark, empty and chaotic culture.  They are dead bones becoming an army.  They are new growth out of a stump that looks dead. (See Isaiah 6:13)


This remnant is intentional in living God’s way before the watching world.  They are repentant.  They engage with the culture with a message of true Truth.  They have no fear.  They are all in.  In them is no impurity.  And, they trust their God.  Revival is on their minds.  The glory of God is their heart’s desire.


“The Intentional Remnant” is a call to awareness of the things that currently break God’s heart and the willingness to stand in the gap for the land. Following a vision by Ezekiel and the example of Isaiah, we can live as a God-motivated remnant.


R – Repentant

E – Engaged with the culture

M – carrying a Message of truth

N – with No fear

A – All in

N – Having No impurity

T – Trusting God

With God's power we can be men and women of courage who show the watching world a better way ---- God's way.

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